Getting Started

This is a quick reference to setup a personal Facebook account. If you are looking to create a Facebook business page, a personal account is required in order to administer a business page.

Sign Up

Facebook Account Setup WelcomeGo to (a new window will open) and enter your basic account information that is requested and then click "Sign Up". An email will be sent the account you entered. You will need to find the email and confirm your account.

Add Friends

Facebook Account Setup Step OneUse the services to find and connect with people you already know.

Profile Information

Facebook Account Setup Step TwoEnter your basic profile information. This will help find connections

Profile Picture

Facebook Account Setup Step ThreeAdd a profile picture—one that you don’t mind anyone in the world can see. Your profile picture doesn’t need to be a picture of you, it can be an image of something important to you or completely random, but people may not be sure that you are the person they know.

Your Profile

Facebook Account Setup Security SettingsCheck your security settings. Additionally, don’t show where you live, share when you aren’t in town, etc. Upload vacation pictures when you get back home.

Facebook Account Setup Basic Profile InformationSelect the option to only show the month and day of your birthday.

Facebook Account Setup Timeline ViewThis is your timeline view. Finish updating your profile.

Facebook Account Setup Cover PhotoAdd a cover photo. The actual size of the cover photo is 851px by 315px, but you don't need to crop your image—you can move the photo around until you get it the way you want. If the photo isn't 851px wide, the image will be stretched to fit.

Facebook Account Setup Timeline Dropdown NavigationYou can edit your profile, view friends, upload photos etc. from your timeline.


Facebook Account Setup News Feed NavigationNavigation options from the news feed. The news feed is where the majority of time is spent in reviewing posts from friends and likes.

Facebook Account Setup Timeline NavigationNavigation optoins from the timeline.

Find Organization Pages to “Like”

Facebook Account Setup SearchUse the search feature to find people and organizations to connect with.

Facebook Account Setup LikeLike business pages to include their posts in your news feed.

Manage Friends

Facebook Account Setup FriendsManage your friends to control what and how much you see on your news feed.

Facebook Account Setup Smart ListsUse smartlists and create your own lists to segment your feeds and post to particular groups.

Get Involved

Facebook Account Setup Post StatusLike, comment, share and post.

Next Steps

Create a Facebook page for your business or organization.