Leave a lasting impression with custom presentation folders

Greater Giving Custom Presentation Folder with Auction PlannerYou’ve nailed the presentation and delivered a great first impression. Now, it’s time for your leave behind materials that will help close the sale and you need to leave a lasting impression. Stand apart from the competition—hook your customers and establish brand identity with custom presentation folders that have professional flare.

Building your brand identity through superior design

Your brand identity distinguishes your company from its competitors. Superior brand design strengthens your business and will bring all aspects of your company to life.

Well-designed presentation folders help define your identity:

  • Custom designed presentation folders provide a functional yet unique design and will catch the eye of your target audience.
  • Superior presentation folders grab the customer’s attention, offering a proper introduction and providing a lasting impression.
  • Professionally designed folders are consistent in their design and preserve the strength of your brand identity through proper use of typefaces, colors, space, and style.

What type of presentation folder is the best fit for my company?

  • Standard presentation folders Much like a file folder, standard presentation folders hold your professional materials together, organizing and protecting them. They are typically comprised of a thin, stiff material such as heavy paper or poly (plastic).
  • Pocket presentation folders Pocket folders take the organization and presentation of your professional material one step further, offering options such as one or two pocket folders, fasteners, tabs, and built-in business card, brochure, or CD slots.
  • Custom presentation folders Looking for something unique? Our team of professional designers can help bring your ideas to reality. Multiple pockets, tri-fold, envelope-style, die-cut, embossing, and many more options are at your disposal with the help of our creative team.

Presentation folder design tips:

  • Agilis Custom Presentation FolderAvoid information overload Overwhelming your customers with excess information increases the chance of your company's folder getting tossed into the "later" bin. Be concise, providing just the amount of information customers NEED to know and letting them come to your business for the rest. Separate text into digestible chunks using ample white space and large, engaging pictures.
  • Use Plain English Stay away from the latest slang and don’t talk over the heads of your customers – explain any industry terms and acronyms that you use.
  • Offer up the unexpected In most cases, your customers care more about what sets you apart than your company history. Offer information beyond the norm to differentiate yourself from competitors.
  • Ensure quality design Don’t ruin folder design with inappropriate colors and card stock. Bright, light, and dark colors all have their time and place, as do the various stock choices – glossy, matte, poly, and more. Defer to professional designers in order to best present your brand identity and the results will astound you.
  • Utilize special design features effectively For example, if you add a window to the front of your folder, have something visually impressive to place behind it, not just the back of your price list.

Don’t let your company’s image fall short due to inferior design and poor presentation. Your brand identity is a great gift to your company’s future, and exceptionally designed presentation folders help wrap it up quite nicely. Add to the confidence of both your company and its customers with stunning presentation folders that deliver your message perfectly.

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