Brochure Design

Don’t settle for an unprofessional, clip-art laden brochure. Distinguish your business with stunning yet effective brochure design, strengthening its brand identity and message.

  • American Lung Association Giving Brochure
    American Lung Association Giving Brochure
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  • Wildwood Canyon Villa Brochure
    Wildwood Canyon Villa Brochure
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  • Transition Projects Brochure
    Transition Projects Brochure
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  • InTouch Brochure
    InTouch Brochure
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  • West Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District Brochure
    WMSWCD Brochure
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  • Gresham Center for the Arts Foundation Brochure
    Center for the Arts Foundation Brochure
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  • Center for the Arts Foundation Brochure
    C.E. John Brochure
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  • Fireside Distributors Brochure
    Fireside Distributors Brochure
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  • Aviatrix Brochure
    Aviatrix Brochure
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  • Advantage Management Solutions Brochure
    Advantage Management Solutions Brochure
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  • Lightspeed Aviation Brochure
    Lightspeed Aviation Brochure
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Superior brochure design produces superior results...

Our brochure design professionals offer high quality service while maintaining an affordable price. We can help you effectively communicate your brand, product, or service by:

  • Establishing a unique, easily recognizable logo and brand identity that fits your business’s purpose and personality.
  • Gathering compelling, pertinent content for your brochure, describing why your business outshines the competition.
  • Creating a consistent brochure design that grabs the attention of consumers using persuasive form and function, spurring potential customers to action.

We offer both standard and custom brochure options, such as:

  • Rack cards
  • Tri-fold brochures
  • Booklet brochures
  • Specialty, uniquely sized brochures
  • Brochures with business card inserts
  • Embossing, debossing, and die-cuts
  • And more…

The Total Design Shop difference:

At Total Design Shop, we handle your project from its conception through the printing process. While we don't provide printing services, we can recommend print shops that will maintain the level of quality we expect. To offer you the most competitive pricing, print costs will be billed directly from the printer, without any additional mark-up from us.

Want to learn more about how professional brochure design can benefit your business? Contact Total Design Shop today and discover the many advantages our professional design services have to offer your business.

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