Southwest Bible Church
Website Redesign

Southwest Bible Church is a large church located in the southwest corner of Beaverton, Oregon. They have a long history of recorded messages and are well known for their summer outdoor services.

  • Home page with welcome video
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  • Topical navigation
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  • Tabbed sub-navigation
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  • Media section
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  • Calendar of events
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  • Upcoming events
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“Total Design Shop's ability to integrate with our systems, software, and content already well established prior to site architecture and programming was outstanding! The templates they came up with have been both harmonizing for all our current site elements and also flexible for subsequent enhancements we have implemented quickly and seamlessly. I expect their work will have long term utility for our organization and community.”


Associate Pastor and IT


Project Overview

Main Website

SWBIBLE came to us looking for help architecting a usable sitemap, executing their design concept and to build out their web presence. Through our research, we found the information came together in specific categories. We took that information and used an intuitive visual drill-down navigation structure to guide visitors, creating a simple, clean, visual structure.

Web Design & Development

The home page is primarily focused on the new visitor with navigation for the returning visitor’s most popular destination to get them there quickly. The footer is functional, providing the most important information and links on every page.

The website is a custom built deployment on the ForgeFusion content management system. Southwest Bible has two different internal applications that manage user data and events. We programmed interfaces with both systems to pull data for use with the site.

Site features include content management, built-in newsletters with delivery, survey and form builder, event registration with payment processing, online giving and a custom media management application.

The re-launch was an overwhelming success and engagement has improved immensely. Stakeholders all agreed that the final product was more than they thought was possible.

Other Services

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Market Research
  • Systems Integration
  • Web Analytics
  • Mobile Website
  • CMS
  • User Experience
  • Information Architecture